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Online Slots

Find the right game with the slot finder and try it for free!

Find the right game with the slot finder and try it for free!

The slot finder is a powerful tool that allows you to find just the type of slot that you prefer playing or are looking for at the moment. All you have to do is to choose among the categories that we have provided (on mobile click the looking glass) and all of the slots (if any) matching your selection will show up.

You can choose as many categories as you like, but the more specific you are the less results you'll get. All selections can be easily removed by pressing the “clear all button”. The categories currently available are the following ones:

Features: Here you can choose what type of features you'd like, such as free spins and bonus games. If you select more than one, only slots that have all of them will show up.

Volatility: Choose between low, medium or high. A low volatility will generally keep your balance quite stable with small and medium sized winnings frequently occurring. You’ll never hit super big. On the contrary, a high volatility can have your balance drop quickly, but also sky rocket. It’s usually hard to win, but when you do you’re able to cash in really big.

RTP: This is a percentual value showing how much you’re expected to get back on your wagers in the long run. The higher the value, the higher the expected return. Most slots have an RTP between 96-98%.

Maximum win: Here you can filter slots on how much they are able to pay on a single spin as a multiplier of your chosen stake.

Type of slot: This affects the winning mechanics of the slot. Paylines is the traditional way where matching symbols need to show up in a certain way. With Megaways they just need to be on connecting reels and the more showing up, the more winning combinations are made. With cluster there are no reels at all, but a grid where symbols need to show up in clusters next to each other.

Game provider: If you like a certain slot creating company, you can choose this here.

Slot theme: Choose a theme that you like the slot to have.